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the act of preparing something (as food) by the application of heat (Freq. 4)
- cooking can be a great art
- people are needed who have experience in cookery
- he left the preparation of meals to his wife
cookery, preparation
Derivationally related forms:
prepare (for: preparation), cook (for: cookery), cook
Members of this Topic:
challah, hallah, Jewish rye bread, Jewish rye, squid,
calamari, calamary, curry, Chinese brown sauce, brown sauce, caramelize,
caramelise, alcoholize, alcoholise, conserve, pickle, salt,
marinade, marinate, can, tin, put up, brine,
spike, lace, fortify, reduce, boil down, concentrate,
decoct, bake, ovenbake, brown, coddle, fire,
farce, stuff, baste, souse, microwave, micro-cook,
zap, nuke, crispen, toast, crisp, shirr,
blanch, parboil, overboil, fricassee, stew, jug,
simmer, roast, barbeque, barbecue, cook out, pan roast,
braise, fry, frizzle, deep-fat-fry, griddle, pan-fry,
french-fry, deep-fry, stir fry, saute, grill, hibachi,
steam, broil, oven broil, pan-broil, pressure-cook, bruise,
char, blacken, sear, scorch, try, render,
splat, clarify, dun, corn, fillet, filet,
puree, strain, egg, dredge, flour, crumb,
truss, bread, mask, dress, sauce, whisk,
whip, cream, beat, scramble, churn, rice,
frost, ice, butterfly, put on, spatchcock, devil,
cook, precook, whip up, whomp up, concoct, cook up,
lard, season, flavor, flavour, zest, spice,
spice up, ginger, savor, savour, pepper
change of state
baking, toasting, browning, broil, broiling,
grilling, frying, sauteing, fusion cooking, braising, poaching,
poaching, boiling, stewing, simmering, percolation,
cuisine, culinary art
Part Meronyms:
tenderization, tenderisation, seasoning

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