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plant [plant plants planted planting] noun, verb BrE [plɑːnt] NAmE [plænt]
1. countable a living thing that grows in the earth and usually has a ↑stem, leaves and roots, especially one that is smaller than a tree or bush
All plants need light and water.
flowering/garden/indoor plants
a tomato/potato plant
the animal and plant life of the area
see also bedding plant, ↑house plant, ↑pot plant, ↑rubber plant  
2. countable a factory or place where power is produced or an industrial process takes place
a nuclear reprocessing plant
Japanese car plants
a chemical plant
see also sewage plant  
3. uncountable the large machinery that is used in industrial processes
The company has been investing in new plant and equipment.  
4. countable, usually singular (informal)something that sb has deliberately placed among another person's clothes or possessions in order to make them appear guilty of a crime
He claimed that the drugs found in his house were a plant.  
5. countable a person who joins a group of criminals or enemies in order to get and secretly report information about their activities

Word Origin:
Old English plante ‘seedling’, plantian (verb), from Latin planta ‘sprout, cutting’ (later influenced by French plante) and plantare ‘plant, fix in a place’.

The living world
animals mate/breed/reproduce/feed (on sth)
fish/amphibians swim/spawn (= lay eggs)
birds fly/migrate/nest/sing
insects crawl/fly/bite/sting
insects/bees/locusts swarm
bees collect/gather nectar/pollen
spiders spin/weave a web
snakes/lizards shed their skins
bears/hedgehogs/frogs hibernate
insect larvae grow/develop/pupate
an egg/a chick/a larva hatches
attract/find/choose a mate
produce/release eggs/sperm
lay/fertilize/incubate/hatch eggs
inhabit a forest/a reef/the coast
mark/enter/defend (a) territory
stalk/hunt/capture/catch/kill prey
Plants and fungi
trees/plants grow/bloom/blossom/flower
a seed germinates/sprouts
leaves/buds/roots/shoots appear/develop/form
flower buds swell/open
a fungus grows/spreads/colonizes sth
pollinate/fertilize a flower/plant
produce/release/spread/disperse pollen/seeds/spores
produce/bear fruit
develop/grow/form roots/shoots/leaves
provide/supply/absorb/extract/release nutrients
perform/increase/reduce photosynthesis
Bacteria and viruses
bacteria/microbes/viruses grow/spread/multiply
bacteria/microbes live/thrive in/on sth
bacteria/microbes/viruses evolve/colonize sth/cause disease
bacteria break sth down/convert sth (into sth)
a virus enters/invades sth/the body
a virus mutates/evolves/replicates (itself)
be infected with/contaminated with/exposed to a new strain of a virus/drug-resistant bacteria
contain/carry/harbour (especially US) harbor bacteria/a virus
kill/destroy/eliminate harmful/deadly bacteria

plant • mill • works • yard • workshop • foundry
These are all words for buildings or places where things are made or where industrial processes take place.
factory • a building or group of buildings where goods are made: a chocolate/cigarette/clothing factory
plant • a factory or place where power is produced or an industrial process takes place: a nuclear power plant a manufacturing plant
mill • a factory that produces a particular type of material: a cotton/paper/textile/woollen mill
works • (often in compounds) a place where things are made or an industrial process takes place: a brickworks a steelworks Raw materials were carried to the works by barge.
yard • (usually in compounds) an area of land used for building sth: a shipyard
workshop • a room or building in which things are made or repaired using tools or machinery: a car repair workshop
foundry • a factory where metal or glass is melted and made into different shapes or objects: an iron foundry
a car/chemical/munitions factory/plant
an engineering plant/works
to manage/run a factory/plant/mill/works/yard/workshop/foundry
to work in/at a factory/plant/mill/yard/workshop/foundry
factory/mill/foundry owners/managers/workers

Example Bank:
Plants absorb carbon in the form of carbon dioxide.
The butterfly's sole food plant is wild lupine.
a waste reprocessing plant
food plants of rare butterflies
a nuclear power plant
a sewage (treatment) plant
a/an assembly/manufacturing/production plant
Derived:plant something out
1. ~ sth to put plants, seeds, etc. in the ground to grow
to plant and harvest rice
Plant these shrubs in full sun.
2. to cover or supply a garden/yard, area of land, etc. with plants
~ sth a densely planted orange grove
~ sth with sth The field had been ploughed and planted with corn.  
3. ~ sth/yourself + adv./prep. to place sth or yourself firmly in a particular place or position
They planted a flag on the summit.
He planted himself squarely in front of us.
Demonstrators planted themselves right in front of the convoy of trucks.  
4. ~ sth (+ adv./prep.) to hide sth such as a bomb in a place where it will not be found  
5. ~ sth (on sb) to hide sth, especially sth illegal, in sb's clothing, possessions, etc. so that when it is found it will look as though they committed a crime
He claims that the drugs were planted on him.  
6. ~ sb (in sth) to send sb to join a group, etc, especially in order to make secret reports on its members
The police had planted an informer in the gang.  
7. ~ sth (in sth) to make sb think or believe sth, especially without them realizing that you gave them the idea
He planted the first seeds of doubt in my mind.
Verb forms:

Word Origin:
Old English plante ‘seedling’, plantian (verb), from Latin planta ‘sprout, cutting’ (later influenced by French plante) and plantare ‘plant, fix in a place’.

plant verb T
Many farmers have planted cash crops.
cultivate • • grow
plant/cultivate the land
plant/cultivate/grow crops

Example Bank:
Carefully plant your cutting in the soil.
He was determined to keep both feet firmly planted on dry land.
She planted a kiss squarely on his cheek.
The Bordeaux area is densely planted with vine.
The garden was planted with roses and other shrubs.
Zinfandel is California's most widely planted red grape.
a thickly planted orange grove
recently planted maples
weeds that had not been deliberately planted
Demonstrators planted themselves right in front of the convoy of trucks.


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